1-5X24mm Rapid Dot 7.62 30mm

1-5X24mm Rapid Dot 7.62 30mm

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1-5X24mm Rapid Dot 7.62 30mm

The 5x zoom range factor offers the advantage of a wide field of view at low magnification, plus the ability to zoom in and bring far objects into clear focus. With its true 1x magnification, shooters can accurately engage targets with both eyes open and still maintain situational awareness.


  • Broad band Anti-Reflection coatings guarantee maximum light transmission of greater than 90% or greater.
  • A rugged 24mm one-piece main tube construction.
  • Integrated rotary side focus and digital illumination system knobs that are mounted on the turret. Comfortable and easy-to-use with or without gloves.
  • Elevation knob designed to provide both visual and tactile indication of rotational position.
  • Consistant eye relief over the entire power range.
  • 11 Illumination levels (7 Night & 4 Day) with two off-positions at each end. Standby (light-off) settings between each level make it easy to find your perfect illumiation.
  • The illuminated, glass etched reticle available in either 5.56 or 7.62 calibration.
  • Fast focus eyepiece.
  • Fully waterproof to 10 meters.
  • Aircraft grade machined aluminum knobs for positive grip and durability in all conditions.

In the premium league of high performance sniper optics, small features make the crucial difference. The Military 1-5x24mm offers ten good reasons for Steiner's technology superiority:

  • True 5x magnification — The larger 5x magnification provides more details for quick and precise target identification.
  • Increased field of view and elimination of tunnel effect — With the lower 5x magnification, you get a larger field of view and the elimination of any tunnel effect.
  • Exterior product design is optimized for maximum operator convenience and ease of handling. Extra large, non-slip elevation, windage, parallax and illumination knobs for use with or without gloves . Non-slip diopter adjustment and non-slip magnification ring.
  • Interior product design. Special interior design and surface treatment eliminates stray light that might interfer with the optical path and significantly reduce visual performance.
  • Illumination mechanism with stand-by position in between each setting. Quick & easy stand-by position helps to avoid excessive battery consumption. The shooter can get back on the preferred illumination setting within seconds. Extra larger elevation and windage knobs perform with maximum precision. Large diameters allow more accurate and precise clicks. This increases the repeating accuracy within the complete adjustment range.
  • Parallax setting visible from shooting position — information at a glance with quick adjustment. Tube and knob configuration is designed to allow maximum mounting options. Illumination knob is integrated into the parallax adjustment knob (no extra illumination knob!) Simple and easy to mount on various rifles with limited mounting space. Scope can be mounted in the optimum position to allow maximum operator convenience. Additional equipment (e. g. flash light, laser, …) can easily be mounted alongside the scope
  • All adjustment knobs are 100% sealed with latest state-of-the-art sealing technology. Absolutely no water can get underneath Steiner's knobs. The click mechanism is sealed and can not be obstructed or damaged by frozen ice or humidity.

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