Rifle Cleaning Kit
Pocket Rifle Cleaning Kit

Pocket Rifle Cleaning Kit 8mm

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Pocket Rifle Cleaning Kit 8mm

Pocket cleaning kit for the rifle to clean your gun on the field. Cal 8mm.

The Beretta Cleaning Kit range has been renovated to offer the user a wide choice of kits for the most complete cleaning done at home or on the field. Taking care and keeping clean your firearm is important to achieve good performance: it's only an advantage for better results while shooting, but it also guarantees enhanced safety avoiding problems due to the chemical residues in the barrels if not removed in a short time. Beretta also offers a full range of products for cleaning and taking care of your weapon. The range includes all the accessories and oils you need to get great performance from your weapon whether it is a shotgun, a rifle, or a pistol. All our cleaning products are Made in Italy, developed in close collaboration with our experts to always get the most from your weapon.

  • Pull-trough cleaning kit
  • 1 brass brush
  • 1 nylon brush
  • 1 loop cleaner.

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