SL3 Dante full view
SL3 Dante receiver art view
SL3 Dante receiver right view
SL3 Dante full left view
SL3 Dante receiver Bulino style hand engraving art left view
SL3 Dante receiver Bulino style hand engraving art iso view
SL3 Dante top view
SL3 Dante shotgun bottom view
SL3 Dante shotgun open case
SL3 Dante shotgun closed case


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2021 marked the 700th year of the death of the great poet Dante Alighieri, the father of the Italian language and one of the most famous poets of history.

To commemorate this anniversary, our Premium atelier created a one of a kind, intricately engraved SL3 EELL that draws from Dante’s masterpiece, the “Divine Comedy”.

His most important narrative poem, the “Divine Comedy”, is widely considered the greatest literary work in the Italian language, a source of inspiration for other important writers to follow like Boccaccio and Petrarch. Dante is widely cited as a direct source of influence on writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer, John Milton and Alfred Tennyson, and continues to be read and studied to this day.


Caliber or Gauge 20
Barrel length (Inches) 28
Chamber (Inches) 3
Magazine/Capacity 2
Choke -
Product Type Shotgun


The SL3 Dante heralds a new era of Beretta premium shotguns, combining the finest Beretta technology available from our various product families.
The result is a fusion of aesthetic beauty and outstanding performance in the field.
Handmade in Gardone Val Trompia by our most talented gunsmiths whose craftsmanship, passion, and pursuit of perfection drives our Premium Gun atelier.

The new SL3 Dante platform is an elegant and reliable boxlock system engineered to provide the best performance in the field and to withstand intensive use. 
  1. Featuring a design unique to Beretta -  the SL3 action offers the perfect action/barrel locking system, increasing the robustness and rigidity of the platform. The barrels are anchored at three separate points; hinge pins, lower hooks and locking pins. The opening and closing of the gun will remain smooth and effortless over time and no matter how much use (during validation the SL3 has shot more than 11,500 magnum cartridges with no issues). 
  2. Firing Mechanism - Fast, crisp trigger pulls thanks to the hammer leaf spring, as used in our medal-winning competition shotguns.
  3. Newly designed Ejectors - are even more reliable and easier to inspect and clean.
  4. Optima Bore HP barrels - The main ingredients which drive the stunning performance of the Beretta Steelium barrels are the exclusive tri-alloy Beretta Steel (Ni, Cr, Mo) which is used, the deep drilling, the cold hammering process, and the vacuum distension. The OptimaBore HP barrel profile has been specifically designed to provide excellent patterns with every type of shot: lead, steel, and other lead alternatives.
The rounded and fluid design of the SL3 Dante receiver emphasizes the flowing profile of the gun, enhancing its graceful looks while improving target acquisition. 
The unique shape of the top lever has been created to match the elegant lines of the top of the receiver. The tail end of the top lever is tapered, blending the slim shape of the receiver into the wood. 
A newly designed trigger guard gives the SL3 Dante a contemporary look.

With 800 hours of Bulino style hand engraving by Maestro Luca Casari with Gold, Green Gold, and Copper hand inlay. Also comes with an  Exhibition grade 5 Turkish walnut, hand checkered with a Tru-Oil finish.

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