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The spirit of a hunter is one that has the heart of thrill and mind of tranquillity. As children, all of us might have heard our family or hunting enthusiasts talk about their favourite antique accessory or a piece of clothing that reminds them of their cherished hunt. It essentially was not always something that they could use, carry or wear in their day to day lives. The speciality lay in the deep fond memories created. Being one of the pioneers of the premium firearms industry, Beretta entered the high fashion and lifestyle market through Beretta Gallery with an intention to make the best of Beretta available for more than just the hunting community and keep the spirit of outdoor life burning every day.

Attention to detail, elegance, value and the passion for beauty are the cornerstones of classic Italian taste. Having a philosophy to characterise the praxis of outdoor life and high style at home and in fashion, Beretta Gallery - with its exclusive lifestyle and home décor offerings dives beyond the boundaries of luxuriant living. From Deerskin jackets to bone steak knives, each one of our products is a statement exquisitely designed and crafted by our finest craftsmen to make it a timeless piece that you would fall in love with. Built to bind the style of traditionalism with the art of hunting culture and performance, Beretta gallery is the gateway to every sportsman’s paradise with a touch of bold and elegant Italian beauty. 

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Fox Fur Jacket


Beretta Gallery brings in the element of elegance and classy luxury with its Bolero jacket. Crafted for the women of sophistication and elegance, the exquisite Fox Fur Bolero Jacket is a creation - made in collaboration with Chasseur. This jacket, available in dark green, is the most luxurious piece one can slip in. Lined with silk, the jacket has a slight crop, therefore, eliminating bulk at the waist. The silhouette of this jacket with the olive dye of the fox fur is a statement of a timeless piece that will surely turn heads. 

Our determination to offer not lifestyle products but products of value, exclusivity, beauty and fondness has allowed our creations to find their way to the homes of millions of Beretta lovers. One of such creations is our Hector with Bisam Men’s Vest. Designed to be the ultimate luxury layering piece, this handsome navy/grey wool loden vest in the colour anthrazi has a contrasting velvet trim. Completely lined with fur, it features two front pockets and is tailored to not feel bulky when layering underneath a coat for those low-temperature mornings. And at the same time provide enough warmth when worn over a sweater. 

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A home is never complete without the pieces that are bound to create statements and leave fond memories. Governed by the motto of Beretta, “Prudentia et audacia” – “Prudence and audacity”, the home décor collection is designed by the finest of our craftsmen to deliver the best taste of a connoisseur. From wine coasters to double-dip bowls, each piece was forged to give a unique touch to your home with the taste of Italian luxury. Beretta’s Royal Stag Clock is a perfect analogue clock addition to your country home. 

In love with pheasant hunting? Check out Beretta’s Pheasant Clock 

Sculpted in a way where two pheasants guard their nest of babies, the Pheasant clock is highly detailed and made of hand-cast resin. It works as a perfect table or mantle clock.

The pheasant candle holder is an alternative for pheasant hunting lovers. Crafted to be a stunning centerpiece for any table, Beretta’s Pheasant Candle Holder is perfect in any hunting residence you can imagine - be it a lodge or a cabin or a lake house or a mounting chalet or your country home. 

Looking for one of a kind salt and pepper holders to adorn your dining stands? Check out Beretta’s beautifully crafted and richly detailed luxury animal salt and pepper cruets/ shakers

Beretta is more than just a part of your hunting journey. Beretta is the element that wishes to make you a statement in this world. Join the tribe and explore Beretta Gallery’s exquisite offerings.


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