Queen Lace Crystal

Rich in Heritage,
Discover the Mastery of Copper Wheel Engraving

Queen Lace Crystal

Rich in Heritage, Discover the Mastery of Copper Wheel Engraving

Hand blown glass has been in existence since the first century B.C. Crystal’s inherent clarity and brilliance is much stronger than glass due to its higher mineral content, hence crystal is more durable. The initial creation of a Queen Lace Crystal vessel involves mouth blowing the form, a time-honored process versus that of modern methods. This technique allows the artisan creative flexibility, as its thickness may be crafted to the desired outcome. It is a beautiful art and a gift.

Queen Lace Crystal distinguishes itself by implementing a Renaissance born technique called Copper-Wheel Engraving. A Master led craft, Copper-Wheel Engraving is considered one of the most difficult forms to study and requires ten years of skill acquisition to master. Each unique piece is hand-held to one of fifty flying copper-wheels as each stroke of the design is carved into the crystal, ensuring a one-of-a-kind creation.

Offering stemware, barware, and decorative objects, with two distinct series of African and American assortments. The African designs include Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, Rhino, Sable, Leopard and Kudu, lending its inspiration to the Big Game hunt of the continent. The American assortment includes the Stag, Fox, Quail, Pheasant, Doe, Turkey, Whitetail Deer and Duck, inclusive of the great active hunt lifestyles of North America.

Each piece, a work of art

Custom designs may also be hand engraved on any of our current products creating a specialized collection.
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