How to Buy Guns Online ?

Guide to purchase a firearm online :

  1. Log in/register on the Beretta Gallery USA platform by clicking on the profile icon.
  2. Browse through the “Firearms” collections and select the gun(s) of your choice.
  3. Upload a valid, unexpired FFL certificate where you wish your gun to be delivered. Once uploaded successfully, please click on the “add to cart” button or the “buy now” button.
  4. Complete the check-out process and make your payment online. 
  5. Once the payment is completed, you will receive confirmation details via email along with relevant instructions. 
  6. When your order has been shipped to your nearest FFL dealer, you will receive an email with the tracking details for your order. 

 FAQs :

  • Can I purchase firearms without an FFL certificate?

No, the firearms purchase will not be completed without uploading a valid FFL license. Click on add certificate to select the FFL document you wish to upload (PDF Document only).

  • Can I purchase firearms and soft goods together?

Yes, please ensure your FFL and your soft-goods shipping location are both in the same city/town for tax compliance. All firearms will only be delivered to the chosen FFL location and non-firearm items will be shipped to your billing/ shipping address as indicated in the checkout process.

  • Can anybody purchase firearms?

Firearms will be sold only to those who are eligible to buy a firearm under the government laws of the USA. Check your applicable federal, state, and local laws before attempting to acquire a firearm. Your local jurisdiction may impose an additional background-check fee or firearm tax that you will need to pay at the time of pickup.

  • Can a firearm be returned after it has been given to the customer?

When you receive the firearm at the FFL dealer store, please inspect the firearm before accepting the transfer. Once you complete the applicable government transfer process and accept firearm possession, the firearm cannot be returned to Beretta Gallery USA. We do not accept returns of any firearms.



Steps to arrange a shipment and transfer (FFL dealer) 

  • Once your firearm has arrived to the given FFL dealer location, contact the FFL dealer to schedule a time to transfer your firearm. Please make sure to pick up your gun within two weeks of arrival at the FFL dealer's location.
  • Due to Federal regulations, guns are not returnable. Please inspect your gun thoroughly before transfer. If the gun received at the FFL dealer is incorrect or damaged in shipment, do not take possession of the gun and please contact Beretta Gallery USA Customer Service
  • Anyone buying a gun online must pass a National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS Check) before the FFL Dealer can transfer the Firearm to you. For more information, please see Eligibility to Buy Guns.

Note: Most FFL dealers will charge a minimal transfer fee for their service. Please check with your FFL before selecting your choice of FFL. 


Eligibility to Buy Firearms

Anyone buying a gun online must pass a National Instant Criminal Background Check (NCIS) before the FFL Dealer can transfer possession of the firearm to them. In general, to pass the check you must:

  • Provide your address, place of birth, height, weight, sex, birth date, ethnicity, and race
  • Verify you are:
    • The actual buyer of the firearm
    • A citizen of the United States
  • Verify you are NOT:
    • Under indictment for a felony or any crime for which the judge can imprison you for more than a year
    • A convicted felon
    • A fugitive from justice
    • An unlawful drug user
    • Mentally defective
    • A recipient of a dishonorable discharge from the Military
    • The subject of a domestic restraining order
    • A convicted domestic abuser

Please note that certain locations maintain stricter eligibility requirements. For a list of state restrictions, see State/Local Restrictions for buying firearms.

State/Local Restrictions for Buying Firearms

Some locations have additional restrictions or licensing requirements for gun purchases. Below is a list of some of the more common location-specific regulations.

NOTE: This list is provided as a convenience and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please check all applicable local, state, and federal laws before purchasing your gun.

The following states require licensing to purchase any long gun or handgun: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

The following states require licensing to purchase handguns: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, and North Carolina.

Rhode Island requires a mandatory 7 day waiting period for all gun purchases and Handgun Safety Course required for handgun purchases. 



In addition to a valid ID, California requires you to have either a Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) or Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC), depending on the type of gun you’re buying.

California also charges the following fees, on top of any transfer fee the Dealer might charge you:

DROS Fee - $19.00

Firearms Safety Act Fee - $1.00

Safety and Enforcement Fee - $5.00


In addition to a valid, government-issued ID, Illinois requires you to have a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card. 

New York

In addition to a valid, government-issued ID, New York requires you to have a License to Carry a Firearm.


In addition to a valid, government-issued ID, Massachusetts requires you to have:

  • A Firearms Identification Card (FID)


  • A License to Carry a Firearm


For further information on States Gun Control Laws please refer to the following website: