beretta 690 ultraleggero
690 ultraleggero
690 Ultraleggero
690 Ultraleggero
690 Ultraleggero

690 Ultraleggero

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Beretta 690 Ultraleggero

The Ultraleggero begins a whole new chapter in the history of lightweight over-and-under shotguns, pushing the boundaries of design beyond all previous imagination; delivering the strength and reliability of a steel receiver but with exceptionally low weight, something that had only previously been achieved with aluminum actions. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art engineering techniques, Beretta has “skeletonized” the receiver, including only the structural elements that are essential for the resistance and performance of this shotgun. The result is a lightweight yet sturdy shotgun ideal for hunters looking for a fast-handling gun that swiftly gets onto the game. Enjoy your hunt, gun weight will no longer be a burden.


Caliber or Gauge 12
Barrel length (Inches) 28
Chamber (Inches) -
Choke OC-HP
Product Type Shotgun


  • Weight: 2.8 KG
  • Select class 2.5 walnut wood stock with increased cavity
  • Technopolymer inserts with innovative floral motifs featuring inclined surfaces to optimize light reflection
  • Aluminum trigger group
  • 76mm (3") chamber
  • New aluminum forend iron system derived from the 694 model
  • OBHP barrels without side ribs
  • Extralight recoil pad
  • Steel receiver carved on the sides and bottom

The lightest steel shotgun in the field

Thanks to the steel receiver with internal relief cuts, Optima-Choke® HP barrels with no side ribs, a stock with an increased cavity, an aluminum forend iron system, and a trigger guard.

Aluminum trigger guard

The selector of the single trigger is positioned inside the safety catch which makes it possible to select the barrel to use for the first shot by simply moving it sideways. The Ultraleggero is also available in an alternative configuration with a double single selective trigger: this particular mechanism features two single selective triggers, one allowing you to shoot the first barrel and then the second barrel, the other shooting the second barrel and then the first barrel. This saves you time when in a split second you have to choose your adequate barrel, choke, and cartridge combination.

Techno-polymer inserts:

The techno-polymer receiver inserts feature a cutting-edge floral motif. These floral designs have been achieved using a state-of-the-art technology that creates unique angles on surfaces, simulating the visual effect of light reflected on steel engravings. This creates a fade-in-and-out effect on the floral motif and the name “Ultraleggero” when the receiver is rotated in the light. This aesthetic feature, together with the matt black burnishing on the receiver and the glossy black hinge pins, bestows a unique character to the Ultraleggero.

The receiver

The Ultraleggero receiver based on the 690 series is no exception. It features, in fact, an excellent locking system with iconic trapezoid shoulders and dual conical locking lugs, in addition to an extraordinary innovative aspect regarding the structure and decrease in weight.

As a result of thorough studies and field tests, the sides and bottom of the receiver have been carefully carved out, leaving only the amount of metal which is strictly necessary in order to guarantee Beretta's level of reliability and resistance to repeated shots using all cartridge types, including magnum cartridges.

3” chamber

As a result of thorough studies and field tests, the sides and bottom of the receiver have been carefully carved out, leaving only the amount of metal which is strictly necessary in order to guarantee Beretta's level of reliability and resistance to repeated shots using all cartridge types, including magnum cartridges. The 3” chamber allows to shoot any kind of cartridge with up to 56 grams weight: lead shot, steel shot and steel shot HP.

Aluminum 694 forend system:

The forend iron system is based on the new system adopted by the 694: this forend design always ensures smooth opening of the shotgun thanks to the redesigned shape and the new barrel hook. The fore-end engagement mechanism has also been redesigned and consists of a forward-fitted release catch which is separate from the fore-end mechanism.

In this case, the forend system is made of aluminium to reduce the weight.

Increased Stock cavity

The cavity in the stock has been increased: this allows to save 129 grams compared to another Beretta shotgun.
The pistol grip stock and the forend are made entirely of 2.5 grade walnut wood with an oiled finish that makes the restoration of scratches, or damage caused by extreme conditions, so much easier.
The wood is not only selected by grade, but also by weight and density, always selecting the lighter versions to achieve the perfect balance even for short barrel shotguns.
The stock has a 35/55 drop and is also available for left-handers in Vittoria Version, with a 35/45/55 drop.

Extralight recoil pad

The Extralight® recoil pad is 30% lighter than a standard butt pad and much more resistant to abrasion, to aging and to the elements, thanks to its closed-cell structure that avoids liquid absorption.
Everything while delivering comfort and stability when shouldered by the user, with an excellent recoil absorption.

OptimaBore HP barrels without side rib:

The Ultraleggero uses Beretta's renowned Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels, in tri-alloy steel available in different lengths of 61 cm, 66 cm, 71 cm and 76 cm, characterised by deep gun drilling, cold hammer forging and special vacuum relieving.
The unique design, with a double 80 mm forcing cone, was conceived to provide superior quality performance and consistently perfect and uniform shot patterns, whilst simultaneously reducing recoil and muzzle rise.
The full 6x6 top rib features anti-reflection knurled motif and spherical steel sight.

OptimaChoke HP chokes

The Ultraleggero uses 70 mm length Optima-Choke HP chokes, ideal for use with steel shots.

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