Gel Tek Cheek Protector

Gel Tek Cheek Protector

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Gel Tek Cheek Protector

Self-adhesive backing which adheres to all wooden stocks prevents bruising to cheek while mounting the gun.

Exclusively made for Beretta. Designed to be applied to the majority of stocks and moved from gun to gun, this cheek protector contains a soft gel that will dampen the effects of recoil and dramatically increase comfort while shooting.

  • The pad can be moved from gun to gun and put back into the package for use later.   
  • It can be used on slug guns or trap guns if a shooter needs to raise the comb or point of impact.   
  • It can be put on wood or synthetic stocks.  It also eliminates bruised cheeks that trap shooters sometimes get.   
  • It's opaque in color so you can still see the stock thru it.    
  • It can be on hundreds of stocks and still works. 
  • it might no stick on some synthetic stocks
  • Available also .24 inches 
  • After you use the pad for a while it may lose some of its stickiness. To fix it, just clean it with hand soap, let it dry, and it's sticky again.

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